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We're glad you could visit. At Joel Rissinger Ministries, we're dedicated to helping pastors and church leaders foster healthy doctrinal, structural, and missional change in their congregations. We would love to be of service to you! Our partnership with Standing Stone Ministry promotes healthy coaching, support, and encouragement to pastors, missionaries, ministry leaders, and their families. Click the Standing Stone logo above to learn more. We also offer Interim Pastoral Ministry and Pulpit Supply services to churches who value the teaching of God's Word while they search for new leadership. See our Ministries page or contact us for more information.

As a long time pastor and church planter, Pastor Joel has a passion for churches and their leaders.


Joel's book,  "Things Your Pastor Would Love to Say...(But Can't)" was written for this purpose. Joel has written over a dozen books designed to promote healthy change. These include, "The Crucified Church," "Champion That Change," "The Crucified Couple," and "Communicate to Lead." Joel and his wife Karen offer workshops and seminars on these and other subjects.

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