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I help couples achieve incredible intimacy through deeper connection and better communication.

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Everyone wants deeper intimacy, but sometimes, it’s hard to attain or maintain.

I'm a Christian Couples Mentor who loves to equip married and engaged couples to communicate, draw closer, resolve conflict, and achieve oneness mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Every speech, workshop, seminar, book, or coaching session I conduct is designed to achieve that goal.

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About Joel

A Christian Couples Speaker, Trainer, Author, Pastor, Chaplain and Coach.

Joel Rissinger has been a professional communicator and couples coach for over 30 years. He has helped hundreds of couples through his teaching, writing and coaching. In addition, he has trained over 100 counselors, pastors, and coaches to do the same. Joel has done workshops, keynotes, and programming for organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, the Better Business Bureau, Coorstek Corporation, Iron Sharpens Iron, and numerous churches. Joel has completed the famous Bill Gove Speech Workshop and is a certified speaker and coach with the John Maxwell Group as well as Life Innovations, Inc. and their Prepare-Enrich relationship program.

Joel's focus is helping couples grow closer. While pastoring several churches, Joel has worked with couples in his congregations and in the community at large. He has taught numerous couples workshops and is a featured speaker at retreats, conferences, and other events. He is currently the Executive Pastor of LifeWay Church in Newington, CT. Joel is a Doctoral Student and has two Masters Degrees from Liberty University. He is also the author of seven books, including Whole 4 Life, The Crucified Couple, and The Crucified Church. His latest book, The Forgiveness Fallacies, was released in September, 2018.

Joel and his wife Karen have been married more than 35 years. They have two adult children and two awesome granddaughters plus a 95 pound "fur baby" named Koda.

Joel's Talks

Talk Topics

T.A.L.K. Your Way to Intimacy

A keynote designed to give Christian couples 4 keys to improve communication and closeness. Using scripture, humor and stories, Joel “enter-trains” couples to talk more, resolve conflict, and enjoy being together! People leave this presentation able to speak each others language, forgive more readily, and listen more effectively.

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The Crucified Couple

Popular at Iron Sharpens Iron and other conferences as either a keynote or a workshop, this presentation looks at biblical sacrifice as a missing key to lasting relationships. Couples interact around this theme with lots of humor and some emotional personal stories presented by Joel and His wife Karen, a School Psychologist and Theology major. Couples leave with a better understanding of the biblical basis for marriage and practical tips on how giving leads to blessing financially, sexually, and in other areas of marriage. The workshop is loosely based on Joel’s popular book, The Crucified Couple.

Enrich Your Marriage Seminar

Using the number top relationship assessment tools in the world, Prepare-Enrich and/or SYMBIS, Joel gets couples their unique relationship report showing strengths and growth areas in their marriage. He shows them how to interpret the results and then, using several exercises, helps them develop communication, conflict resolution, budgeting and planning skills which can literally help transform their relationship. Typically a half-day program, Joel often shares the stage with his wife Karen for this event. 

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"Our Church has utilized Pastor Joel's talent on a few occasions, each time with excellent results! He is a gifted speaker whom God has given great insight, whether the topic is marriage, ministry or personal growth. In short, I highly recommend Pastor Joel." 

Rev. Al Stewart, D.D. 
Pastor, Greater Grace Chapel
Forest, VA



Phone Number: 860-500-7163   /     Email:

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