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Every Church leader knows that finding, training, supporting and releasing leaders is a primary challenge. In addition, every Church needs to experience healthy change in order to assist people in attaining the full measure of the fullness of Christ (Eph. 4:14). We offer everything from Sunday AM messages and Interim Pastoral care, to workshops or leadership training/coaching to help churches make healthy changes and grow. Using content from Pastor Joel's books, "Things Your Pastor Would Love to Say...(But Can't)," "The Crucified Church," "Communicate to Lead," and others plus a plethora of resources from John Maxwell; our goal is to fully equip you to both understand and implement a strategy for church transformation. We also offer training and discovery techniques for leadership development.  Pastor Joel and his wife Karen are Field Shepherds with Standing Stone Ministry. As such they provide support and encouragement to Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Missionaries and their families.  To support these efforts or to find out more, click the Standing Stone Logo below. To learn more about Interim Pastoral Ministry, click HERE.

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Every relationship has challenges. Whether they've just started dating or have been married for over 30 years, every couple struggles at times. Men often feel disrespected and women feel unloved. Our goal is to help couples understand the strengths and weaknesses of their relationship and learn to use sacrifice as a key to success. Using the Bible, plus Pastor Joel's books, "The Crucified Couple," and "Whole 4 Life," and other tools, we help couples learn how to communicate, how to lovingly resolve conflicts, along with planning, budgeting and other skills. Sunday morning messages, workshops, and at times, even individual couples counseling options are available to enrich and assist you.

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