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In addition to being long-time pastor and minister of Jesus Christ, Joel Rissinger is a certified member of The John Maxwell Team. He is sought after as a coach, trainer, speaker, and mentor, offering inspiring and motivational workshops, seminars, and keynote addresses. He and his wife, Karen are well known marriage and relationship speakers and coaches as well. Click HERE to see more specifics on their ministry to couples.  Beginning in 1992 Joel served two congregations as a pastor and senior pastor before he and his wife Karen founded Mill Pond Church in Newington, Connecticut in 2007. As one fellow pastor said, ""Pastor Joel Rissinger is the real deal! His practical and Biblical approach to the principals of marriage blessed our church. His openness and honesty about his past failures and victories connected well with everyone. When others teach to impress, Pastor Joel taught to instruct and encourage; that is refreshing." Contact us if you'd like to know more, or follow this link to see a few of the popular topics Joel addresses in his workshops and seminars.

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What You're Designed to Do
The Crucified Church
Connections That Last a Lifetime
Intentional Living

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